Nurturing your Skin : Essential oil for monsoon skincare

After several months of enduring the searing and unbearable summer heat, the arrival of the rainy season ushers in a welcome change in the weather. But the humidity and moisture can affect our skin, leaving it more vulnerable to a number of skin conditions. It is crucial to establish a good skincare practice if you want to preserve healthy, glowing skin throughout the monsoon.

By including essential oils in your monsoon skincare routine, you may nurture your skin in a healthy and efficient way. These oils provide a number of advantages, including protecting against common skin issues as well as hydrating and nourishing the skin. We will examine some essential oils that are very helpful for monsoon skincare in this blog post.

Top 7 Essential Oils For Monsoon Season

We can enjoy the rainy season without worry if you incorporate these eight essential oils into your daily home care regimen. With the help of these essential oils and your preferred rain music playing in the background as you go about your home, you may have a healthy monsoon season.

1.Lavender  Essential Oil

All year long, lavender essential oil can be helpful because it is an incredibly adaptable oil. It gives your clothes a fresh perfume and gets rid of the musty odor they frequently have after a rainy season by adding it to your laundry.

Lavender essential oil is a perfect companion during the rain because of its capacity to sweeten and deodorize any environment. Along with using this essential oil to wipe and deodorize them, you can also sprinkle baking soda on rugs, carpets, and even mattresses to absorb odors and clean them.

2.Peppermint Essential Oil

To give an extra layer of defense to your environment, you can incorporate peppermint essential oil into your homemade cleaning solutions. Additionally, because it soothes headaches and cold pain, this essential oil is fantastic for steam inhalation.

Peppermint essential oil is commonly found in many cleaning products, and with good reason. Due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which will assist to freshen the air with its calming aroma, it is a perfect alternative for diffusing during the monsoon season.

3. Citronella Essential Oil

Nearly as soon as it starts to rain, mosquitoes appear. Flies and mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they are also dangerous to your health. Citronella must be stored in your medicine cabinet throughout the monsoon season due to its well-known capacity to ward off insects.

You may also add a few drops of citronella essential oil to your body lotion in a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba in addition to diffusing it. This will make sure that wherever you go, flies, mosquitoes, and other critters will remain a safe distance from you.

4. Frankincense Essential Oil

We frequently allow more weather inside our homes during rainy weather. Wet umbrellas, shoes, bags, and clothing penetrate our living areas along with many other species that the human eye cannot see.

They might spread illnesses that happen this time of year. The essential oil of frankincense should be a constant in your medical cabinet because of its built-in cleaning abilities. To further protect your privacy, incorporate it into your natural cleaning products for the home, such as floor or surface cleansers.

5. Ginger grass Essential Oil 

You can really benefit from including ginger grass oil in your monsoon season self-care routine. When it’s raining, the warm, somewhat spicy aroma of ginger grass oil can help create a nice, welcoming environment. You can improve your mood and the atmosphere by diffusing the oil in your home or by adding a few drops to a cotton ball and placing it next to you.

The risk of seasonal infections may occasionally increase during the monsoon season. Antimicrobial properties in ginger grass oil may assist the immune system. You can mix a few drops with a carrier oil and spray it on your chest or neck for a calming effect, or you can add a few drops to your diffuser to clean the air.

6. Bergamot Essential Oil

Rains prolong the lingering of bad smells and make spaces look stuffy. In this category also fall bathrooms. Keep your bathroom clean and dry to begin with. An invigorating, fresh aroma can be found in bergamot essential oil, a citrus oil.

Put a few drops of this essential oil on some tissue paper or the inner portion of your toilet paper roll to mask any odors that make you uncomfortable. As a component of natural surface cleaners, bergamot essential oil also sanitizes and performs well.

7. Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial characteristics that can be used to treat skin conditions like fungal infections, acne, and skin irritation that may be made worse by the humid monsoon season.  Due to its hydrating and skin-friendly qualities, the essential oil extracted from Tea Tree leaves is utilized frequently in cosmetic and skin care products.

 In addition to using it to make natural cleansers to clean and sterilize various surfaces in your home, it is beneficial against a variety of skin conditions.

Due to its capacity to nourish your scalp and hair, organic tea tree oil can be used to address problems with hair care in addition to skin care. This essential oil is one of the most often used multi-purpose oils as a result of all these advantages.


Always use essential oils safely by adhering to the recommended dilution limits and taking into account any personal sensitivities or allergies. It is not advisable to consume essential oils unless you are doing it under the supervision of a trained expert. Accept the power of these essential oils to improve your health and relish the cooling effects of the monsoon season.

To determine which oils and combinations are ideal for your cleaning needs, experiment with a variety of them. Only the greatest essential oils are offered for sale at kanhanatureoil. Make use of essential oils to enhance your overall health and way of life. You can take it with confidence because it is a natural medicine.


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